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First Band Rehearsal
Tuesday, 27 May 2014
6:30 PM

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Original Suggested Band Names from 2009

Below is the set of names suggested by the members of the band. The listed is given in the order the suggestions were received.

  • St Joe Area Community Band
  • Concert Band 2.0
  • Concert Band: The Ultimate Experience
  • The Sounds of the Prairie
  • All That and a Bag of Chips
  • A Few Good Men...women too
  • Winking Smiley Face
  • 7 Generations of Sound *
  • The Sound of 7 Generations *
  • 7 Generations of Music *
  • The Music of 7 Generations *
  • East Central Illinois Community Band
  • Salt Fork Area Community Band
  • CAR Tunes
  • Champaign County Municipal Band
  • The Great Hurrah
  • Once Upon a Tuba (could be substituted with a different instrument)
  • The Whiz-bang Toaster Band
  • The Whiz-bang Summer Band
  • Verve!
  • East Meets Best Community Band
  • Prairieland Community Band
  • Gemeinschaftsband
  • The Summer Breeze
  • The Pink Flamingos
  • Started in St. Joe

* Another idea I thought of, was, take the decade of the oldest band member we have, and from there we could count how many generations we have in the band. So the name could be, "12" Generations of Sound, or The Sound of "12" Generations. Or instead of sound, say music.

After the initial vote, the set was reduced to the following.

  • Prairieland Community Band
  • East Central Illinois Community Band
  • CAR Tunes
  • The Sounds of the Prairie
  • 6|7 Generations of Band *
  • Salt Fork Area Community Band

* The "6|7" was explained to the band to mean either 6 or 7 generations, depending on the ages of the members of the band at the time, which was unknown. However, the ballot said "... Generations of Band" instead of "... of Sound" or "... of Music", which was an error and may have thrown off some of the voting.