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First Band Rehearsal
Tuesday, 27 May 2014
6:30 PM

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2012 Band Name

After much consideration, the C.A.R. leadership decided to rename the band in the 2012 season. The name "carTunes" was catchy and an ingenious play on words. However, the after getting feedback from people in and out of the band, the name was determined to be confusing (because of it's purposeful phonetic equivalence with "cartoons") and did not help to identify the band's geographic location, composition, or purpose.

We collected suggestions from the band members for a new name. Ideally, the name would suggest the elements mentioned above: band's geographic location, composition, and purpose. The original list of proposed band names from 2009 was also considered. The list was narrowed down to the following by C.A.R. leadership:

  • Sounds of the Prairie Community Band
  • East Central Illinois Community Band
  • Prairieland Community Band
  • Grand Prairie Community Band

A vote was taken on June 5, 2012, and Sounds of the Prairie Community Band was declared the winner.