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First Band Rehearsal
Tuesday, 27 May 2014
6:30 PM

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C.A.R. Committee and Appointed Positions

Committee Structure

C.A.R. is governed by a committee. The committee is composed of elected officers and a set of appointed positions. There are some appointed positions which are not part of the committee.

The individuals currently serving in each position are listed below.

Elected Officers

The current elected officers are:

President     Ross Bundy
Vice President     (open)
Secretary     (open)
Treasurer     (open)

Appointed Committee Members

The current appointed committee members are:

Other Appointed Positions

The current appointed positions that are not on the committee are:

Publicity     (open)
Webmaster     Ross Bundy

Term of Office

Officers serve for a period of one year. If a vacancy occurs before the end of the term, the position is filled by appointment by the remaining officers.

Appointed positions are not permanent positions. Appointed positions may be created or removed at any time as deemed necessary by the officers. Only the C.A.R. officers vote on the creation or removal of a position, and on the individual that will be appointed to that position. Other appointed positions, even those on the committee, may contribute to the discussion, but are not allowed to participate in voting. The officers may choose to move an appointed position on or off the committee, as they see fit.

Individuals who are appointed to a position are normally asked to serve for a period of at least one year. The officers must ratify appointments once each year per the schedule below. Officers may remove someone from an appointed position at their discretion.

Election Schedule

The annual election schedule is given below.

The beginning of the January planning meeting    Candidate registration opens.
The end of the February planning meeting    Candidate registration closes.
One week after the February planning meeting    Candidate information is posted on the website and voting opens.
The end of the March planning meeting    Voting closes.
One week after the March planning meeting    Voting results are posted on the website.
April planning meeting    New officers installed.
June planning meeting    Appointed positions filled or ratified.

Officer Candidates

Anyone age 18 or older may run for any office. Officers are expected to attend monthly planning meetings and assist in the planning and organization of events. Candidates may only run for one office. Candidates must submit their intent in writing to the C.A.R. President according to the election schedule. Email is acceptable.


Votes must be submitted to the C.A.R. President. Individuals may vote only once. Votes must be submitted in writing or by email, and must indicate the name of the voter and the names of the candidates for whom they are voting. Individual votes are kept strictly confidential. Only the President, Vice President, and Secretary will see the individual votes.